Staccato STI-Kydex Appendix IWB

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Double swivel clips, one on each shell gives you the ability to have more adjustment for positioning. The extra clip helps distribute the weight or you can remove it to get more range on the swivel clip.

If you do not always wear a belt, we have two belt clip options for you.

The Ulticlip 3 which clamps down on your pants for a secure hold.

The HLR Discreet Mod 4 with will fit over a 1.75" wide belt, or will hold onto your pants without a belt to hold it in place.


High-Quality Hand Made Holster, made in the USA!


• .080 Kydex, vacuum formed to pistol for a superb fit. The kydex also covers past the front sight to better protect against wear spots

• Full sight channel that will accommodate most aftermarket taller sights

• Comes with a Nylon hook belt clips,  will fit belts up to 1.75 wide

• Overall thin design, adds very little thickness to your firearm

• Concealable and Tuck-able Holster

• Adjustable cant

• Adjustable draw retention


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